For 10 years the Greeks were standing in front of Troja and tried tireless and vainly to get through the walls. Only the ingenious idea of Odysseus’s ruse brought a change and the Greeks made it to wander past the walls of Troja.

Thousands of people from South America cross every year the border-river Suchiate between Guatemala and Mexico with the hope, to get closer to their dream of a life of freedom in the USA. The Suchiate resembles therefore the river Styx of the greek mythology. The crossing becomes a seemingly releasing journey, that nontheless doesn’t lead to freedom.

Freight trains, that drive two- to three times a week from South America to the USA and cross Mexico, become a bearer of hope for thousands upon thousands of young people. The jounrey from the South to North takes 25 days. The immane journey as a blind passenger on the train-roofs end in most cases agonizing and hopeless.

The holiday island of Lampedusa, one of the four Pelagie Islands in the Mediterranean Sea, between Tunisia and Sicily, gained in recent years and until today a lot of attention by there landed refugees seeking across the Mediterranean to reach Europe - and by the many deaths that are stranded in Lampedusa. However, the tragic fate of the refugees is often hidden.